The 12-Volt MightyKool K2 (left) & the dual GT
The GT (right below) is the same size as the K2 on the left, & the GT uses an ice chest of your choice. 12"long, 11" wide, & 8"High.

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Your choice, either Cool or Cold air, using 12-volts with the new 2021 MightyKool Model GT (below right), which are the same size; 12"long, 11" wide, & 8"High The GT will use up to 20 POUNDS PER HOUR for Air Conditioned Cold air or Water for energy saving Evaporative Cooled air depending on what you or pets need in sleepers, campers, boats, tents, etc.
The MightyKool Model K2 (left above) is the most popular 12-volt model in the USA, using water only. The GT system (right) shown has a Water Pump and may use up to Hundred POUNDS of Ice in 7 or 8 hours at night. Then when the Ice melts it automatically produces Cool air by Evaporation, as no other product in the World does that. [Order for MightyKool Cooling Filters only]

The GT will not cool a Vehicle, however many are used to provide relief for the driver and passenger or pet by using the proper option, which is the Flex Hose Kit pictured below.

The GT (left) like the K2 uses water to produce 5-10 degrees cool air in humid areas to 25 degrees in dryer areas. When water is used proper ventilation is required and will not cool areas, just people or pets. No ventilation is needed when using Ice and it will cool small areas.

The GT is available now for $549.00 and the K2 is $279.00 including shipping to the lower 48 States. Boths models include the $59 Air intake Housing (factory installed) and a $18 Smart Cooling Filter for future use Free. 12-volts lacks adequate power to operate a Compressor, so that is the reason Ice water us used. The GT may even be used without the Pump. Contact us here with your questions
Notice the brass Heat Exchanger (right) inside the GT, are used in some form in all air conditioners. If the GT A/C runs out of Ice it automatically continues using water, as an evaporative ( swamp) cooler by using the Smart Cooling Filter (whitish looking) as mentioned previously.

Notice the inside of the K2 (left) with the absence of the Heat Exchanger, water lines and water Pump. The K2 is is for single use only, as an evaporative cooler E/C. Ice may be added, however it is not engineered like the GT so cooler air only lasts a few short minutes. [Order for MightyKool Cooling Filters only]

The GT using Ice water produces up to 5,000 BTU cold air conditioned air and could use up to twenty pounds of Ice per hour providing temperatures of 50 to 65 degrees. It helps if an area is cool to begin with to save Ice and of course, using block Ice lasts longer than cubed Ice.

Any sized ice chest (right) may be used and with a little slice in the ice chest the water lines and pump will go in the ice chest allowing the lid to close. With the pump and water lines inside the ice chest the GT may be secured anywhere around your area even on top of the ice chest or on the floor.

When using Water only all GT models are equipped with the Air Intake Housing illustrated (left). The 4" X 7 foot hose is easy to slip on or take off when not needed and brings in outside fresh hot air directly into the GT or K2 to increase cooling and help control humidity. Contact us here with your questions

If your vehicle A/C is broken we always recommend you fix it, as no 12-volt cooling system in the World will cool a vehicle like Factory a/c. The GT using Ice water will rival the temperatures of vehicle air conditioning, however will not cool the vehicle. There may not be a good place to set your GT so consider the optional $59 Flex Hose Kit (right). This allows the driver and passenger to receive colder air directly on the upper body for maximum relief from the heat. This Kit is also used when you have two pets in separate enclosures. [Order for MightyKool Cooling Filters only]

Specifications: The K2 is $279 and GT dual model is $549 and both include shipping. The Dimensions for both GT models are the same 12" long x 11" wide & 8" high. With the Air Intake Housing (factory installed) on the back; add 4" to the length, which may easily removed if desired. Contact us

The GT A/C using Ice will produce enough cold air to cool a small area in a vehicle and you do not have to put your windows down, as they must be down somewhat when using Water only. Both GT models use the same amps and watts which are: 1.9 amps on low (23.9 watts) then 2.4 amps on medium (30.2 watts) and 2.9 amps on high (36.5 watts). If the pump is disabled then the numbers are the same as the K2. Contact us

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Customer comment: 3 year old enjoying a nap during 102 degree summer day on the water in texas! Got the K2 and wow this thing works wonders....put in my boat's cuddy and my son took a nap immediately once it was on... Here is a pic: Thanks again. Very satisfied customer! O.F. Flower Mound, TX. (lake north of Dallas)

Customer comment:
"Texas is having record heat. We had to leave Max in our RV for a little bit while we took care of some business. When we got back he was sacked out in front of it. I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas)

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I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas) Contact us

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