The MightyKool Model K2 is the most powerful, efficient 12-volt evaporative cooler in the World. It cools people or pets using water only while containing one Smart Cooling Filter to produce the cool air.

A K2 weighs 5 pounds & is 12" long x 11" wide x 8" high using .8 amps (10 watts) on low up to 2.4 amps 30 watts) on high speed. Use in the Summer for cooling & in the Winter to add humidity to any room.

The seasonal price of the K2 $249.00, includes Free Shipping / Handling within the Continental USA. Let us know if this is for pets left in a vehicle while having lunch or shop for an hour or two, as we will furnish two Pet signs for a vehicle Free to inform those passing by that the pets are cool so don't break in to save them.

The K2 provides cooling for people or pets in any type sleeper, vehicle, camper, boat, tent, for sleeping, sitting, reading, etc. Add the $59 Air Intake Housing (right) to bring in fresh directly into the K2 which will greatly increases cooling. The housing to hold the hose is Factory Installed and the 4" X 7 foot hose is easy to attach or take off wnen not needed.

If your vehicle A/C is broken we always recommend you fix it, as no 12-volt cooling system in the World will cool a vehicle. However, with the $59 optional Flex Hose Kit (left) the driver and passenger will receive relief from the heat. This Kit is also used when you have two pets in separate crates.
+A K2 uses less energy than one tail light bulb & an engine still starts after having cool air all night. Uses water for cooling and the K2 will not run out during the night. Ice may also be added at any time if you wish.
+A K2 cools holds up to a gallon of water & produces cool air in dry or even humid climates & the 10 foot power cord plugs into a 12 volt power outlet or the 110/120 volt to 12-volt Converter.

+A K2 is an evaporative (swamp) cooler, however it cools 5 to 10 degrees cooler than any typical swamp cooler, in any humid or dry climate because of the single Smart Cooling Filter. ($12 for an extra Filter when shipped with the K2 order).
+A K2 may also be used in your home, workshop or office with the optional 110/120-volt to 12-volt Converter ($19 when shipped with the K2 order).

+A K2 includes a 2-year limited warranty covering parts & labor. Email at or call 480-897-1233 with questions or comments.

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Customer comment: 3 year old enjoying a nap during 102 degree summer day on the water in texas! Got the K2 and wow this thing works wonders....put in my boat's cuddy and my son took a nap immediately once it was on... Here is a pic: Thanks again. Very satisfied customer! O.F. Flower Mound, TX. (lake north of Dallas)

Customer comment:
"Texas is having record heat. We had to leave Max in our RV for a little bit while we took care of some business. When we got back he was sacked out in front of it. I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas)

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