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The MightyKool 3-speed Model K2 is the most popular 12-Volt self-containted personal cooling system in the World. The K2 is capable of cooling with warm or cold Water & no Ice & holds enough water to cool all night long. A Vehicle will still start in the morning after using the K2 all night long for sleeping.

It would take an Air Conditioner to cool even a small area like in a camper or vehicle and there is NO such thing in the World as a self-contained 12-volt Air Conditioner. That is why the 12-volt K2 is so popular as it cools People or Pets IN campers, vehicles, boats, tents, etc. which is what is needed.

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This Low Profile Model (11 1/2" Long x 7 7/8" High x 10 1/4" Wide) personal cooling system is self-contained, holding more than enough water to cool all night. Plug the 10-foot power cord into a 12-volt power outlet and move to where cool air is needed, as it uses less energy than one tail light bulb.

The "blend anywhere" stylish cool gray K2 is strong & lightweight with powerful Twin double ball bearing Brushless Energy Saving Motors using less battery power than one tail light bulb. The Floating Ball indicates the water level at a glance. Perfect for use in a Sleeper, Boat, Camper, Tent, for Pets, or on Solar.

Summary: Surround you or your pets with typically 10 to 25 degrees cooler air than a fan, depending on humidity using water only without ice. Be Cool with MightyKool!

Customer comment: "3 year old enjoying a nap during 102 degree summer day on the water in texas!" Got the K2 and wow this thing works wonders....put in my boat's cuddy and my son took a nap immediately once it was on... Here is a pic: Thanks again. Very satisfied customer! O.F. Flower Mound, TX. (lake north of typically humid Dallas)

Customer comment:
"Texas is having record heat. We had to leave Max in our RV for a little bit while we took care of some business. When we got back he was sacked out in front of it. I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas)

These pictures show what a MightyKool K2 Personal Cooling System is all about. Cool one or two people or pets by placing where needed then put in a little water and plug into a 12-volt power cigarette lighter outlet & turn on low or medium speed.

The Smart Cooling Filter produces superior cooling up to 300 hours (some use for 500 hours) per Filter in humid or dry climates and & a set of two Filters may be ordered with no added S/H when ordering a new K2. (Order forms at bottom of this page)

The seamless K2 is designed to use the optional Air Intake Housing. (right) This allows a superior method of providing Fresh Air ventilation, which is vital to provide maximum cooling when cooling with water or melting ice in parked or slow moving vehicles. Note the Water Fill on the top in Black.

The Air Intake Housing helps produce maximum cool air for Sleeping in humid areas and for Pets when left in a non-moving vehicle. The Air Intake is also vital for maximum cool air in a Tractor of Construction equipment to help control Dust. The seven-foot 4" Hose slips off easy when not needed & replaced just as easy.
Farmers & Construction workers will be able to control much of the dust problems by using the Air Intake Housing Kit by placing the hose in a window and even cut cheap furnace filters over the hose intake to help keep dust outside the cab along with the Smart Filter inside, also providing fresh clean air.

The K2 contains the easy Top water fill that slides open or closed in one second. The wide opening makes it easy to add water or even ice. [Dimensions/Specifications] - [110/12 Volt Converter
The K2 achieves perfect evaporation with its wicking system while coolers with pumps force too much water into their filters in humid areas. The K2 uses less water in humid areas & more water in dry areas resulting in all around cooler temperatures.

Set the K2 out of the way and use the optional Flex Hose Kit (right) to contain and bring the cool air where needed the most. Also used when cool air is needed in two places at the same time. The Flex Hoses are 2.5 inch in diameter by 7 Feet in length and easily cut off to the length you need.

A Customer testing the Model K2 using Water only to produce Cool air on Solar 12-volts.

Add the optional Smart Cooling Filter set to your K2 order for around 1/2 price rather than ordering later. World-renowned Portable 12-Volt Cooling Systems chilled by our exclusive Smart Cooling Filter Pad. (left) The Smart Pad is at the Heart of the MightyKool Models Cooling Superiority using Water Only without Ice. More Information on the Smart Cooling Filter.

It takes an air conditioner to cool any area, however there is no such thing in the world as a self-contained 12-volt air conditioner. To cool the back half of a Minivan for 5 hours during the day takes approximately 100 pounds of ice & a proper system, therefore if interested in these systems; Click here.

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Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!

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