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The Owner of this Golf Cart in Florida was not going to let the seasonal heat slow down their love of the game until cooler air comes along. It does seem the hot weather comes along every year so this one time investment should be well worth it. The MightyKool Model K2 is simple, drawing very low 12-volt energy and cools with water only & ice may also be used and costs around $300. It provides relief from the heat, however the K2 does not have the complications & maintenance of our other cooling sytems.

Jimmy shows how to set up the K2 level on a platform right behind the seat and as close to their heads as possible. Many other of our customers set theirs on a platform on the basket, and the trick is always to end up with a level platform. Jimmy leveled his platform on the top of a boat seat pedestal, as you will notice he was able to end up as close to the back of his & his wives heads as possible. At first they had the cooler air blow on their head area, however they found themselves turning their heads to get the cool air directly on their faces.

This prompted them to order the $49 Flex Hose Kit, which you see (right) so that they can direct the cool air directly in their faces. Notice how Jimmy was able to mount his MightyKool Model K2 perfectly level with the top of his seat as close to his and his wife's head as possible. This takes full advantage of the cool air produced as the cool air only travels a foot or less through the hot air. It is easy to feel the air even ten feet away because of the strong fan motors, however by the time the air travels more than a foot away from the upper body it has warmed up in the hot air.

Do not mind if you use pictures or me for a reference. Great product. I also attached the hoses so my wife and I can hold the hose in front of our face. It seems to be more refreshing than just blowing on the back of your neck or trying to turn around so it hits your face. Good luck with your company. (Still under construction)

Why wait until the weather cools off to enjoy your game? Enjoy Cool relief in your Personal or Rental Golf Cart with a MightyKool Model K2 Portable Cooling System using Water only. A Customer show how easy it is to use the K2 cooling system on a rental.

Notice how our customer secured his K2 to the basket (left) so that it will stay where needed regardless of going up and down the course. It is also very easy to attach & remove from the cart and simple to add water when needed. The easy to read water gauge will indicate when it is time to add a little more water.

The dryer the climate the cooler the air, however even in humid areas there will be welcome relief like our customer proclaimed in his humid area of the Eastern USA. There is no reason to wait for a change in the weather to enjoy your game.

The K2 did great! Towards the middle of the day when temperatures rose and humidity was high, it wasn't quite as affective but there was still cool air blowing from the unit which was all I needed and provided lots of relief. Attached are pictures. T.N. Centreville, Virginia

The easiest solution is to position a flat piece of plywood or plastic on top of the basket and secure the K2 on the plate to surround you & a passenger with Cool Air. On your rental plug in the 10 foot power cord into your Power Station
(jump-start) type battery.
NOTE: The picture (right) was taken before our customer leveled the K2, which is very important, as most baskets are not level. It is easy to level with an old towel, as one idea.
Our Customer shows how easy he has figured out how to use the K2 on a rental cart. All that is needed is the Model K2 and a easy to use Power Station (jump-start) type 12-volt battery on the floor out of the way in the golf cart.

Then all that is required is a little water to produce the cool air. Have some relief from the heat when waiting for your turn on the fairway. The cool air dissipates somewhat when you are driving, of course, however your need for cool air is greatest when you are just setting and no air is moving.
The "blend anywhere" stylish cool gray K2 is strong & lightweight with powerful Twin double ball bearing Brushless Energy Saving motors using less battery power than one tail light bulb. The
Floating Ball indicates the water level at a glance.

The Smart Cooling Filters are at the Heart of the cooling system and may be added to your order for the K2 at about half price. These Cooling Filters are the reason a MightyKool produces superior cooling using water only. The Smart Cooling Filter (right) automatically regulates the water depending on humidity resulting in perfect evaporation instead of using a non-regulated pump like all other evaporative coolers.

This small powerful low profile Model K2 personal cooling system is self-contained, 7 7/8" high and 10 1/4" wide, weighing less than 5 pounds & easy to add water when needed.

If you own your cart, you may also set the K2 out of the way somewhere in your golf cart and use the Flex Hose Kit (right) to contain and bring the cool air where needed the most. The Flex Hoses are 2.5 inch in diameter by 7 Feet in length and easily cut off to the length you need.

Your dealer can set you up with a converter so that you can utilize all your batteries to produce the 12-volts needed instead of just tapping off of just 12-volts from one or two of your batteries.

Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!

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