12-volt Portable Air Conditioning! Using "Ice Water" not Refrigerants!

MightyKool "Ice Water" Models use 20 pounds of ice Per Hour
on average during the day to produce 12-volt air conditioning

Portable 12-Volt Low Energy Air Conditioner Left MK3/MK4 Right M400

Your Health May be at Risk in a Hot Environment

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Customer's Video provides his impressions when using his MightyKool "Ice Water" Model.

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Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!

Questions & Answers about Using "Ice Water" & Ice

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a portable Refrigerated Air Conditioner that operates on 12-volts because it is not possible to turn a Compressor of Adequate Size with a Battery.

Swampy developed 12-Volt Air Conditioning using a Pump that Thrusts hundreds of Gallons of Ice Water Per Hour through a *Specialized Copper Heat Exchanger similar to the one on the left that is installed in each of our Ice Models. When the water returns to the ice container it carries with it the Heat & Condensation collected. This eliminates any need for outside ventilation or special drain tubes like typical Air Conditioners need.

The Specialized Swampy Heat Exchanger was Engineered to use the Optimum amount of Ice Per Hour to produce Maximum Cooling. Using too little ice will not produce enough cold air and using too much ice is a waste of Ice. (See customer comment below)

Customer comment about his order for a MightyKool MK4 Model: I'm an engineer as well as a part-time physics grad student at Johns Hopkins University. I needed short term air conditioning in my car as my business requires me to drive a lot and sometimes to stay parked for a few hours. It would be bad for my car to idle the engine just to run the AC for 3 or 4 hours...

When I was driving 8 weeks ago, my A/C conked out, and I got a bag of ice to keep me cool. It got me thinking and using my physics background. I calculated the amount of cooling energy a bag of ice could create based on the enthalpy of fusion and specific heat of water. I realized then that an air conditioner could be built using ice....

When I saw the amount of ice your system required, it agreed with my calculations and so I began considering buying your product. Before I decided to buy, I wanted to see how hard it would be to build one of these devices, and I realized it would be better and cheaper to go with a professionally built unit like yours.
S.C. - Woodbridge, VA.

The Hot Ambient air flows through our Icy Cold Copper Heat Exchanger Grill then exits rapidly through the adjustable Air Louvers! The Secret to 12-Volt Air Conditioning is "ice water", not the ice! The ice is merely the catalyst to make Cold Water!

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The AC12 System incorporates an Air Conditioner. The MK3, MK4 & M400 are Dual Systems that incorporate Air Conditioning plus Evaporative Cooling!

Click on the question(s) that interest you about cooling with "Ice":

A. How do the "Ice" Cooling Systems work?

B. How about a Simple Cheap System of Blowing air into or across Ice?

C. Why not use some kind of electronic cooling system instead of Ice?

D. Do the Ice Models use a compressor or refrigerants?

E. Can you close the windows or do you leave them open like with Evaporative Cooling?

F. What is included and not included?

G. What is the difference between the three models?

H. How much ice do the "Ice Water" Models use?

I. What temperatures could be expected by cooling the water?

J. How hard are they to install?

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A: Modern technology uses Ice to cool a liquid, which in turn is circulated through a Chiller (Heat Exchanger). Hot ambient air is passed through the Heat Exchanger to produce cold comfortable air-conditioned air, plus remove humidity! Some such systems are large enough to cool several city blocks in a place like Phoenix, Arizona in the summer heat. And still others are small enough like our "Ice Water" Models to be portable and easily moved from place to place to cool you and your friends.

The 12-Volt "Ice Water" Models work similar to any other 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner except you do not vent the heat or drain the water outside. The heat is transferred into the water by drawing the ambient air through the Chiller (Heat Exchanger) plus removes humidity at the same time. These Models are capable of cooling efficiently enough that they should use around 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of ice per hour during the heat of the day & 12 pounds per hour during the night. Keep the heat outside and enjoy the cooled air inside without drilling holes or opening windows.

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B: If you think a $39.95 Ancient Idea of Blowing Air into a 'Box of Ice' that Increases Humidity might Solve your Cooling Problems Click here

How about a Free Air Conditioner? Place ice in a container, then take a fan and blow into or across the ice just like your Great Grandfather did. Now you have a Free Air Conditioner to solve all your cooling problems without having to spend a dime! However, if you have already tried this "new" Ancient System & still "Feel the Heat" read on for serious answers to your cooling needs!

Merchants marketing this ancient 100 year old Ancient System make claims, with glowing "testimonials" of how blowing a fan over ice cools cars, boats cabins, campers, etc. If it sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is "too good to be t---". It is simple for you to test this Ancient Idea for Free as explained in the paragraph above and then you decide!

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C. It would take approximately 80 amps @ 12-volts to equal the 8,000 BTU of Air-Conditioning like our 12-volt "Ice Water" Models. Needless to say there is no present day battery or charging system that would keep up with that kind of power drain. Some people thing they could use a 110 to 12-volt Inverter, however this cannot be done as battery power is still being used. It takes 110-volt house power to operate an air conditioner large enough to cool something bigger than a fourth of a phone booth.

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D. There are no compressors, evaporators or hoses that may leak refrigerant or harm the environment. Also there are no expensive parts that need replacing from time to time. The biggest negative is you must furnish Ice to provide Ice Water for Air Conditioning Comfort. However you may typically be assured that you will take care of your cooling problems with one of our 12-Volt Versatile "Ice Water" Models!

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E. Use the "Ice Water" Models just like an air conditioner when using ice, therefore the windows & doors stay closed. That is different than Evaporative Cooling systems where you must provide ventilation so that you do not create a swampy condition by increasing humidity.

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F. The Swampy IM20 & MightyKool M200 & M400 come complete in one package ready to cool. The Swampy AC12 & IM30 are furnished with all components except the Ice Chest. The AC12 & IM30 come with 4 feet of hose, 6 foot of power line and the pump wired and ready for cooling. You merely place the pump in your ice chest and secure the AC12 & IM30 in the area you need to Air Condition.

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G. All the "Ice Water" Models cool by using Ice to cool the water or Reusable Freeze Packs may be used if you do not prefer colder air conditioned air that also removes humidity. The water is forced from the ice container and circulated through a special Heat Exchanger contained in the Air Conditioning portion, just like a refrigerated A/C forces refrigerant through the Evaporator (Heat Exchanger). The AC12 Icester is the only model that has a Heat Exchanger and no evaporative system.

The M400, MK3 & MK4 have an evaporative cooling system like our other Swampy models. The air is cooled by evaporation in these "Ice Water" Models to aid the Heat Exchanger produce even colder air. Once the ice has melted these models will cool by evaporation, however ventilation is needed to prevent humidity build up.

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H. Our 12-Volt "Ice Water" Models cool so efficiently that they are capable of using about 10 to 20 pounds (4.5 to 9 kilograms) of block or cubed ice per hour. Many "Ice & Water" stores freeze their own blocks of ice and are smaller & more solid than the blocks you buy at convenience or grocery stores, which are generally formed from the chips left over from crushed ice processing.

A 48 quart Ice Chest filled with block & cubed ice will last around 4 to 5 hours. The largest Ice Chest you can normally purchase is 150 quart. A 48 quart size may be purchased in most places like Target, Walmart, etc. for around $25.00. Any Ice Model will not cool effectively unless they use about 20 pounds of ice per hour during a hot day and will use about 10 to 12 pounds of ice during nighttime.

Some people freeze their own block ice in plastic containers, however consider removing the ice from the plastic so it can contact the water to provide air conditioning or if left in the containers they react like Reusable Plastic Ice Packs (see I below).

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I. In 100 degree (38 C) heat the "Ice Water" Models produce 65 F. (19 C.) (+-) of Air Conditioned comfort using cubed or block ice. Reusable Freeze Packs will be about 78 F. (25 C) in the 100 F. (38 C) heat. In general cubed ice is used up quicker than block ice of equal weight. The length of time the reusable Freeze Packs perform depends on the quantity that are used.

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J. There is virtually no installation required with any of the "Ice Water" Models except for the Roof Top Model MG3, of course. In preparing the AC12, MK3 or MK4 a narrow slot is cut in the ice chest for the hoses so you can shut the lid of the ice chest. If you are using it in a vehicle secure the ice chest in the rear of your vehicle or some other out of the way area. Then place the "Ice Water" Model in the area you need air conditioning like between the driver and the passenger, secure it and plug it into the cigarette lighter.

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