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They sell a weak $39 Fan and you buy ICE each time you use it!

Independent KoolerAire Review on YouTube

A $39 weak Fan is no Air Conditioner, as it's just a weak Fan! The weak Fan blows into expensive Ice that melts quickly into glaze ice, and it will not cool at all with just cold water. Blowing air across ice increases humidity, therefore it is not air conditioning.

The following are Customer Comments featured on Amazon.com about a 200-Year-Old "New" Idea that sells for $39 and claims to solve all your cooling problems. Some things "Sound too good to be T---"!

DO NOT BUY!!!!, June 7, 2012
By Ace - See all my reviews
This review is from: 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner (Misc.)
12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner I purchased this as a temporary cooling system for a friend until her AC in her car was fixed. DO NOT BUY this item. Totally not worth it AT ALL. Unfortunately, since it was a gift and the person didn't use it until it was too late to send back, I could not return this item. What my friend said is that it can blow out cool air, but no where near the extent of what the package or the website would lead you to believe. I drove her car once with this unit plugged up and 2 bags of ice and there was ZERO cooling air coming out. I took the ice out of the bags to see if that would help and it did not. No better than a regular car fan with no cooling air to blow.

Hotter than H+++, April 16, 2012
By Bolo - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner (Misc.)
It is a good concept, but in operation the cooler does not cool anything. The airflow through the ice chest does not have sufficient force to blow anymore than a barely felt breeze that is only marginally lower in temp.

Not worth it in Houston,Tx!, September 11, 2011
By Houston Buyer - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner (Misc.)
Purchased this item when we were in the 100degree plus days thinking it would help in my work truck that has no A/C! Didn't even know it was on. All it did was take up space in the front seat. Used jugs of ice and bagged ice. Bought the correct cooler from Walmart. So I then decided that maybe it was too HOT. So this past week it was in the mid 80's in the morning and I tried it again, nope still a piece of crap! Don't waste your $$$$! I think the testimonials they gave on their website were people that were paid to say something good! Wasted 39.95 for it, paid 12.95 for shipping, and paid 21.95 for cooler! Don't be a fool and do what I did and waste 75.00 on this!

All Marketing, No Performance, April 21, 2006 By D. Rogers (Gordonsville, VA United States)
My experience with this (Kooleraire) unit is as follows: Purchased this unit and an Igloo cooler. Filled the ice chest approximately 3/4-full with ice. Placed in a pickup truck cab (Ford F-250 SuperDuty with SuperCab) that was pre-cooled with the air conditioner for ~30 minutes on an 80 degree day. Parked the truck in the shade and connected the unit to the aux power source in the cab. Allowed the unit 30 minutes run time. At the end of that time the temperature in the cab was equal to outside ambient conditions. There was no cooling, nor maintaining temperature inside the cab. Granted I opened the door to exit the truck, but the unit was unable to provide ANY appreciable cooling to the truck interior in 30 minutes. I've since returned the unit. I recommend you not buy this item. I can provide no insight as to why the unit worked for "Geri and Family, (five star testimonial below) " but potentially a very limited amount of positive feedback can be placed by the manufacturer or proxy.

By VizionQuest "VizionQuest" (Columbia, MO)
This product will generate cool air but will NOT cool any area. Purchasing this product would be a waste of your money and time. Unless you are going to have your face within 3 inches of the output, you will be sorely disappointed with its performance. I initially purchased this item for cooling a tent and it failed terribly. Seek a portable air conditioner if you want to cool a given area.

May 19, 2006 By Jeremiah Harrington
Does not perform as advertised., You might as well put a tray of ice in front of a fan before wasting your money on this.

By S. Bell "sasham3" (Texas)
Does not work, tested it in our vehicle. it was warmer inside the truck than outside! Don't waste your money!

By L. Cable
I bought this item because my a/c was out on my car and it was going to cost $1200 to fix. I was under the impression it could cool a small car, Honda Civic. It is a joke. Yes, it blows cold air, but through a circle about the size of an orange. If you purchase ice, you'll have paid for a real a/c in no time. If you freeze ice, you need a separate freezer to accomodate the large quantities of ice needed. Most importantly, if you want to return it and don't have all of the original packaging, tags, etc. they will not refund your money. DON'T BUY-YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED!

By Jim form CA (CA USA)
KoolerAire is NOT the most portable air conditioner you could buy. this thing just does not work as advertised so do not waste your money on this. I had it on for 4 hours and it was the same temperature inside my camper as the outside air, even at night is was the same thing. I got a 12 volt portable swamp cooler that does work great but it also cost me over $500. This $40 cooler will not work as advertised, the old saying is true you get what you pay for. Even if it just cooled 5 degrees I would have given it 2 stars but this thing is more like minus 5 stars.

By Bill Valocchi
I bought this product with the hope that it may be a good camping companion on warm nights. I tested it.. first I set my tent up in my attic, about 83 degrees, I filled my cooler, colman 28 qt (the webpage recommends this one or the igloo) with frozen bottles of water, let the fan run for two hours, temp. dropped a wrooping 3 degrees, than my attic cool down and the temp. in the tent was warmer than in my attic. I also set my tent up in my back yard on a hot day, about 90, filled the cooler with ice and frozen bottles of water, let run for a hour, no noticeable change in temp and furthermore since the air temp was quite warm and the fan was blowing this air over the ice, the ice was melting quickly. buyer beware. If any one out there really, I mean really has had some good experience with this think I would be curious to hear from you

By Anonymoose
I'd give it a ZERO!, June 15, 2007 This doesn't work at all! It was a waste of money.

UPDATE: August 20, 2007 It's collecting dust in the toolshed!

Update: December 2008 --- It's STILL collecting dust in the toolshed!

By J. Winzer "jofga" (Atlanta, GA)
May not work for cars in the sun, June 23, 2008

I've tried this to stave off the heat for pets who have to be in the car during driver potty-breaks. So far it has fended off complete melt-down but I don't think it can overcome the challenge (even with tinted windows and windshield shades). I will see how well it does when I am further north.

Two Positive Five Star Feedbacks as Amazon is fair and balanced:
# 1:By H. R. Norckauer Jr. (Northern Alabama)
Portable Air Conditioner cools dog crates, December 20, 2008
Nice little
package. I use with portable battery. Fit my current cooler, i.e., not just the 25 QT Igloo cooler. Cools dog crates great. (A Winter Testimonial to be taken for what a December test is worth!)

# 2:
KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner, July 29, 2004
By geri girl "geri" (New York) - See all my reviews
We've used our KoolerAire for the 2nd camping season and let me say it is fantastic! It cools our tent in the evening while we sleep, it's very quiet and uses very little power. KoolerAire has paid for itself simply by making our trips more comfortable...Air Conditioning for $39.95...you better believe it! Thank you so much KoolerAire!
Geri and Family

(NOTE: See the Two Comments posted on Amazon to "Geri's Five Star review Below plus another made on April 21, 2006 by D. Rogers of Gordonsville, VA Above indicating "a review in this case can be placed by the manufacturer or proxy".)

Initial post: Jul 10, 2007 9:21 AM PDT
Peter W. Kent says:
This is so obviously posted by the company, or by a friend of the company! "Thank you so much KoolerAire!"? "Air Conditioning for $39.95...you better believe it!"? It sounds like an add! She's also in NY, the same place the company is based, and has never reviewed anything else!

Posted on Aug 13, 2007 11:13 PM PDT
J. Scott says:
Not to mention, "Geri" also happened to write in to Kooleraire and happened to get her email posted on their online "Testimonials". What a scam!

End of comments found on Amazon.com. Read more comments & excerpts Below from Internet Forums & Informative Customers. Wasting valuable Summer Time plus $39.95 trying to Solve Cooling Problems!

As a side note, I will tell you that I had purchased one of the Kooleraire units for $39.95 shortly after I got my boat, a year or so ago. I tried it... once... with a full cooler of crushed ice and was so disappointed that I nearly threw it over the side. The air was somewhat cooler, but you had to get your face within about 6 inches of the air outlet to even feel anything. It wouldn't have a prayer at cooling anything larger than a broom closet on a winter day. T.C. Vincennes, IN.

You can laugh but before i found your site I bought the $40 kooler air. It is junk. I am working on returning it. Please give me your suggestion to help my situation. R.S. Loves Park, IL.

I bought one of those Kooleraire things and what a mistake. It won't cool anything more than your hand and thats only if you hold it over the fan for a long period of time. Needless to say it is on its way back. C.B. Palm Springs, CA.

Can you please advise me on the least expensive system that I need to cool a 26 foot cruiser (boat cabin) in Georgia (high humidity). I need some cool air for my daughter to take naps. I bought at Kooleraire last year and was extremely dissapointed. Is there a big difference? Thanks, B. A. Georgia

I have a standard pickup with no air conditioning as my work vehicle I am in in the midwest (Chicago) and need something for the summer to cool it down. I see some operate on water and some ice? What is going to cool better. You can laugh but before i found your site I bought the $40 kooler air. It is junk. I am working on returning it. J. P. Chicago, IL

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I was looking for some portable cooling info for a client and I came across your site. I read through the Frequently asked questions and had to laugh. Then I went to the (Koolaire) feed back section and I couldn't believe the number of people who thought it would actually work in the applications mentioned. I am a Heating & Cooling Contractor and I understand the concepts of comfort. Your products look great and I will be recommending your site to all who need portable cooling. (R.B. Yuba City, CA) Kooleraire will just increase humidity.

I was the one who asked about KoolerAire. We bought one and tried it out. It went through 10 lbs of ice in about an hour and the cabin temp remained the same (even tho' the boat was closed up). The outside temp was only in the mid-80's. We sent it back. Derek C.

Koolrairhead insinuates that anyone is stupid to invest money in a Complicated Swampy product when they can get a wimpy fan to blow air across a "box of ice" for $39.95.

A friend bought one of those KoolerAire coolers. He said it performed poorly in his 26' Welcraft. It never cooled his cabin down enough to be comfortable. H.H.

We have tried, and been VERY disappointed with the \"Kooler-Aire\" made by one of your competitors. That weenie little fan only works if your face is 6" away from it! Your units LOOK more impressive, but at those prices, they damned very well BETTER be. Nacogdoches, TX.

The kooleraire does nothing - at least not in a 26 foot boat cabin on a 95 degree day. D. A. Dawsonville, GA.

At last I found something that is really cool , not just Kooleraire cool, but Swampy cool. Yes I have fallen into Kooleraire\'s trap and I beg for forgiveness. I am from South Africa and I need to ask you two questions...

We certainly understand if you are unable to spend more than $40, therefore just get a good fan and you will sweat less than if you had spent $40 for a box full of ice, plus the cost of ice.

Be advised that I recently purchased one of your (Swampy) competitors product (KoolerAire). This unit worked fair in an air conditioned car - taking in cool air and blowing out cool air. However, when I left it in my airplane for 30 minutes and the outside air temperature went up to 95 degrees, it blew hot air. In other words it would blow cool air if the air intake is cool and hot air if the air intake is hot. I am hoping to get $5.00 for it in my next garage sale. I am also looking forward to receiving your Swampy IM30 at the earliest ship date. Nice talking to you and thanks. Best regards, Larry - Houston, TX.

Looking forward to receiving the unit. Plan on using the unit in a 28 foot cruiser to avoid having to run the generator (A\C) at anchor too much. We had puchased a Kooleraire last summer and it was not up to the task. Mark K. South Carolina.

I had to laugh when I read your section on ancient cooling. I wish I had read it before I ordered one for 1/2 price off Ebay. When I got mine I tested it and put it on the cooler. That fan is so week, it wouldn't blow a fly away.You'd be better off just using a regular 12 volt fan. I didn't even bother to put any ice into the chest. Chris Portland, OR.

I know it's like 14 degrees outside, but I just found this (Kooleraire) and wondering if anyone has tried this in their camper? The concept looks good but for 40 bucks, I can't imagine that it works very well. Thanks, R.D.

A few PU'ers have tried them over the years with negative results R.D.- actual cold air is pretty wimpy, etc... Someone also mentioned that they later put a fan behind a tray of ice and reported the same "wind chill" as their thrown away KoolerAir. R.B.

I would think you could do the same thing by placing a small fan to blow over the top of a cooler full of ice. We used to do that in the "old days" before we had air conditioning. J.V.

Check this out, a/c in your cabin for $39.00. What do you think? J.M.

If you have this thing J.M., does it work good? Sounds neat but I don't want to buy it and have the thing in my yard sale a few years from now like all the other junk my wife gets. Thanks E.K.

Air Conditioning for $39.95 ? "If it sounds too good to be..." C.B.

Obviously, this is not a true "air conditioner" that would cool the air in your cabin AND dehumidify it. Rather, this device would be classified as an "Air Cooler". It works like this.. it blows air across the ice in the cooler. The air is cooled and exits the cooler increasing humidity. C.B.

Similar units have been marketed for years. It does not dehumidify so it won't help on those hot. sweaty days. (In fact, it would actually increase the humidity) C.B.

If you want to try the idea out yourself, 1) get some ice, 2) Run a fan across it, 3) sit very close to the air as it blows across the ice. C.B.

C.B., you are right I would not count on this product to be as good as they say it is. I also know something about a/c, and any time you move air across an object that the temp. is below the dew point you have condensation also known as de-humidification. J.M.

J.M. you are correct regarding the dew point. I suppose that I was considering the operation in a closed cabin. My guess is that the crew would be more comfortable with a good electric fan blowing across them. R.D.

"I work 250 miles from home, and I use my van to sleep when I am at work. I have tried using the kooler-aire, and find it does not work. I live in central florida, and work in miami."
This is an example why this product does a disservice, as this fellow has been suffering for two years when he first purchased a kooler-aire and then gave up thinking nothing would work, however now he knows there is an answer after all this time! What a travesty! End of Comments

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Using ICE in a Modern World
How Modern Air Conditioning Methods Utilize Ice

Kenbob@verizon.net sent the following statement: "I happen to think your product is of a Quality nature. However as a businessman I wonder why you spend so much effort to steer your audience to view a kooler air product which seems to serve a totally different market?"
No, Kenbob, Koolrairhead claims to serve the same market as we do and claim to solve the same problems for only $39.95. Then they go on and say that we are ripping people off by having them invest hundreds of dollars for something that they can do for $39.95. The bottom line is that people are hoodwinked into thinking they found something that is too good to be ----!
By the way 'Kenbob@verizon.net is an unknown or illegal alias & by the way you don't suppose Kenbob is part of the Koolrairhead company?

Koolererr insinuates that anyone is stupid to invest money in a Complicated Swampy product when they can get a "box of ice" for $39.95. It's one thing to throw away good money but it's another to be duped into wasting your time and not solving a problem.

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Free $39.95 Ancient "New Idea" Cooler
If you don't want to throw away $39.95 how about a Free Idea of how to build one in five minutes? Place ice in a container, then take a fan and blow into or across the ice just like your Great Grandfather did & this "New Idea" does. Now you have a Free Air Conditioner to solve all your cooling problems without having to spend a dime! However, if you have already tried this "new" Ancient System & still "Feel the Heat" then click 12-volt Models for serious answers to your cooling needs.

How are they able to make those great Claims:
We understand they have a well known Publicity Firm Harrison Leifer DiMarco with connections to all types of slick marketing ideas including magazines, which possibly do a 'tit for a tat'. Or maybe the testimonials in magazine articles came, in part, from honest assumptions by the authors, without truly testing, as they got caught up in the hype about this Ancient "New" 200 Year old Idea of blowing air across a "box of ice"!

Years ago Consumers Digest came out with a report on bicycles, which naturally we were to believe. I questioned the article and asked an expert in the bicycle industry to read it and who proved that many of the statements made were absolutely false or just believed the manufacture's claims & reported them. Maybe Consumers Digest had an investigative team or person that spent the weekend skiing in Vail and had to come up with something quick on Monday morning regarding bicycles?

Maybe the same reporter(s) took this $39.95 "New Ancient Idea" to Vail for testing? Should we believe as Gospel the articles we read or opinions we hear on TV or Radio? We need to put some logic in our thinking and if "it seems Too Good to be True then maybe it is Too Good to be T---"?

Is this a Ridiculous Statement? Why invest $300 to $600 in a Complicated TV when you can get the same results using a $39.95 Radio?

How about this Ridiculous Statement: Why invest $300 to $600 in a Complicated Cooling System as Koolererr's 100 Year Old Ancient Idea provides the same results for $39.95?

Swampy is in the Cooling Business, Not Fooling Buisness!!!

You have a Cooling Problem or you would not be reading this, therefore you deserve Honest information to see if you can solve it. If you do not see the answer on the Swampy web site just
email us the details of your problem and we will provide the information you need, based on our Customer's Experience.

Our Customers are the Publicity Experts and have all the Slick Ideas you may need, if there are any to be had. If we do not have the correct product or answer we can probably recommend a solution from some other source.

[Swampy Testimonials]

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Now like Fox News we have to be Fair & Balanced:
The email we receive from those that have used the Kooleraire ancient system tell us about the minimal results they obtain except Geri (who's email is reprinted below). Geri stated they could feel the air six feet away, however we could not measure any air 3 feet away. We have tested the identical system she used against the velocity of a 73-year-old man blowing air between his lips and our most popular product to see how the three stack up.

*Velocity Test between Kooleraire Ancient Air & Two other Blower Systems
1. The Ancient Air by Kooleraire with it's standard single 2" diameter cool air outlet
2. A 73-year old human blowing air between his lips
3. Model MW1 MightyKool with it's standard two 2" diameter cool air outlets
*Velocity is measured air in 'feet per minute'.
The following is the
*Velocity from three different Sources

Measured from the Air Opening

One 2" Opening

73-year old Human
One Pair of Lips

(L) Two 2" Openings (R)

 Total of MightyKool's Two Cool Air Outlets

1 Inch






12 Inches






24 Inches






36 Inches






The air begins to disperse and become immeasurable after about two feet with the human and three feet with the Kooleraire Ancient Air. If you put a pipe on the air outlet or a straw in the mouth of the human you can bullet the air further while loosing the dispersing advantage of providing air to a larger area.

Temperature Established with Ancient Air by Kooleraire Box of Ice

Using one 7-pound bag of large cubed ice in the suggested ice chest by Ancient Air Manufacturer.
Operated in an insulated room 7 X 7 X 8 with a temperature of 82 degrees.

First temperature was 62.5 degrees 1" out from the cool air outlet as very little further out the air mixed with the 82 degree room, therefore obviousley measured 82 degrees.
Five minutes later the temperature is 64.5 degrees from the same area plus constantly increasing humidity.
Insulated room 7 X 7 X 8 with a temperature of 82 degrees remained 82 degrees throughout the test.

Using only 7 pounds of ice during 45-minutes also indicates a poor transfer of heat. Maybe someone wants to test it in an insulated phone booth next time?

We even read where it is advised that users of this "New Idea" Ancient Air to use gel packs or so called blue ice to make the ice last longer. This raises the temperature at least 10 degrees to at least 75 to 78 degrees, plus increasing humidity therefore does nothing to help your comfort level or are we just interested in saving ice?

Ancient Air also states they do not use any hoses, heat exchangers, cooling pads or any of the other proven techniques that manufacturers around the world use to produce cool air. Isn't it strange that great minds were not satisfied with this Ancient method used over 200 years ago and had to develop modern expensive, complicated cooling systems? Why weren't they satisfied with this Ancient Cooling System, is it possible it did not work?

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Now on the other side of the coin the following is a report from Geri & Family, which is totally contrary to the other reports we have received about Ancient Air. I have had several people that bought the "New Ancient Idea" that they believe it was a plant by the "New Ancient Idea" company, as it is so contrary to the test facts:

Hello Jack, I can't speak for others or the circumstances in which they have used it. I will say "for me and my family
Kooleraire has definitely proven itself time and again!" For this reason I purchased another unit as a gift for my brother. When our Kooleraire was delivered we were so excited and immediately used ice from our freezer, once we plugged it in the air flow was instant and very cold, about 54 degrees! (See our Ancient Air Temperature Test where the temperature was 64.5) The fan was surprisingly quiet and strong for its size, as a matter of fact we used it this weekend and were able to feel the air all the way across the tent which is 6 feet away using the PVC elbow! (See our Velocity Test of Ancient Air where maximum velocity was 3 feet) Since our purchase of Kooleraire we've tried everything from frozen soda bottles to Blue Ice to 1 gallon jugs. We found all worked well however, the best was using frozen Gel packs and an ice combination. These packs can be used over and over again and last about 5 - hours at 80 to 85 degrees. Initially the air is very cold (50 degrees) but increased slowly to about 55 - 60 degrees (See our Ancient Air Temperature Test where now the temperature if minimum 75 degrees). This is still cold enough for our tent or boat cuddy cabin. To answer your question yes, it does work sufficiently to cool both comfortably, especially in the evening when we use ours most. I hope this is helpful for you and others that visit your site. Kooleraire is a fine, well made product and as I wrote earlier, "it would make a wonderful addition to your current product lines." Thanks again, Geri & Family for expounding on your Cooling Temperature Test & Velocity Velocity Test Tests of Ancient Air.

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