Farm & Construction 12-Volt Portable Air Cooling Systems Provide Relief from the Heat & Dust!

For total comfort we always recommend you repair or install an Air Conditioner. However if that is not possible, then see our Portable Systems that can easily be moved from Equipment to Equipment.

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Can a $39 Weak Fan be called an Air Conditioner when it is only a Fan? Sure, However!!

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!

MightyKool Model WIN3 Cools with Water Only (no Ice)
This New System also helps keep Dust out of the Cab

Size in Inches 12½ long x 10¾ wide x 8¾ high
(Centimeters = 31.7 x 27.3 x 22.25)
5.96 Pounds (2.70 Kilograms)
More Dimensions

The WIN3 (left) Portable 12-Volt Cooling System cools Several degrees Cooler than a portable cooler using a Pump. The reason is that the WIN3 uses the World-renowned Cooling Systems chilled by our exclusive Smart Cooling Filter (right). The Smart Filter is at the Heart of MightyKool evaporative type Cooling superiority using Water only even in humid areas.

Just plug in the 10 foot (3.05 meter) 12-volt power cord and add water then move easily from equipment to equipment, as needed. Bringing in Hot Fresh air is vital when using water or melting ice to produce Cool Air. Previously the Windows needed to be open to eliminate excess Humidity produced during the cooling process. (see next paragraph)

To eliminate opening all windows and keep down on the Dust consider using the optional Air Intake Housing Kit,
(right) which fits the WIN3 model only. Even though our MightyKool Models cool better in humid areas than the regular evaporative cooler, the dryer the air the better they cool.

Place the 7 ft. (2.25m) long X 4 inch (10.16c) diameter Flex Hose in a window or other opening and a good idea is to block the rest of the window's opening so only the Hose is sucking air into the WIN3.

You could also take a cut cheap furnace filters to fit the hose on the outside to help keep more Dust out of the Filter inside the WIN3 and the cab. These cheap filters can be changed daily or whenever they plug up. You may need some way to have air escape by cracking another window, however a lot of time the cabs leak enough to take care of building up extra humidity. Read more by clicking on Air Intake.

You must have the WIN3 close to you to take advantage of the maximum cool air produced plus provide proper ventilation. There are two choices one being to make a shelf to set the WIN3 right behind or along side of the operator. The other choice is to use the Flex Hose Kit, (right) just plug in the 10-ft. (3.05m) cigarette lighter cord, then set the Cooling System out of the way on the floor.

Add water then use the 3-Speed Switch to turn on low, medium or high and place the 2 1/2 in.
(6.35) diameter hoses in the best position to blow cool air on your upper body. The hoses are 7 ft. (2.25m) long, therefore it should be no problem figuring out the best place to position them for maximum benefit and temporarily some put one inside their shirt for quick relief.

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Dimensions do not include the 1 inch (2.54 C.) Handle & 3/4 inch (1.9 C.) Switch

Length, Width & Height
Inches & Centimeters



12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

 WIN3 Inches 12½ x 10¾ x 8¾
Centimeters=31.7 x 27.3 x 22.25

 5.96 Pounds
2.70 Kilograms

 1.5 Gallons
5.7 Liters

 .9 Amps
11.3 Watts

 1.6 Amps
20.2 Watts

2.4 Amps
30.2 Watts

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Swampy 12-Volt Cooling Systemsare Proudly made in the USA

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