Farm & Construction 12-Volt Portable Air Cooling Systems Provide Relief from the Heat & Dust!

We always recommend you repair or install an Air Conditioner. However if that is not possible, then see our Portable Systems that can easily be moved from Equipment to Equipment.

Especially the K2 with the Air Intake Hose and possibly the Flex Hose Kit 2 below

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The newest 12-volt portable MightyKool K2 is a cool gray self-contained low profile model holding enough water to cool all night, while using less energy than 2 tail light bulbs. We combined the best features of our previous models into this new lightweight seamless cooling system. Features like the slider on the top for filling water or ice, that some like to start with, and the easy to read water gauge. Weights less than 5 pounds empty measuring only 7 7/8" high x 10 1/4" wide.

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A Customer's Video See how his MightyKool cools at 108 degrees using water only. Now, all MightyKool Models using Water only produce cool air even in a humid area by using the Smart Cooling Filter System.

Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!

The 12-Volt Portable self-contained WIN3 (left) has the easiest water or ice Fill System of all like the K2 plus holds enough water internally to cool all night long. The WIN has a 10 foot circuit protected power cord that easily plugs into a 12-Volt power outlet using less energy that two tail light bulbs. The Air Intake Housing described below is Factory Installed and fits all WIN models. Your investment is secured with a Two Year Limited Warrantee covering defective Parts and Labor on the WIN3, MW1 & MW2. Click on the Pictures for more information.

The Web Price Sale of the MW1 & the MW2 (right) includes a Free gravity fill extended Water Kit to supply cooling all night long to the Float that is standard with either model. The Air Intake Housing described below is Factory Installed and fits the MW1 model, however not the MW2 model. Your investment is secured with a Two Year Limited Warrantee covering defective Parts and Labor on the WIN3, MW1 & MW2. Click on the Pictures for more information.

World-renowned Portable 12-Volt Cooling Systems chilled by our exclusive Smart Cooling Filter Pad. (right) The Smart Pad is at the Heart of the MightyKool Models Cooling Superiority using Water Only without Ice. MightyKool models cool 10 to 30 degrees F. Cooler than Ambient air depending on the Humidity. More Information on cooling with the Smart Cooling Filter & why a MightyKool produces Cooler air than all other Portable Evaporative Coolers that must use a pump.

The optional Air Intake Housing Kit, (left) may be used with the WIN & MW1 models. This Kit contains the attachment (Factory Installed) and a 7 foot by 4 inch hose and is designed to help provide Proper Ventilation when windows or vents cannot be opened wide or dust is a problem. Proper Ventilation is vital to produce Maximum Cool Air for Sleepers, Pets, Campers, Boats, and also slow or non-moving vehicles like Farm & Construction Equipment. Plus it is easy to add extra filtering to the Air Intake Housing Hose to help keep dust out.

The optional Flex Hose Kit (right) is used when it is difficult to have a MightyKool close enough where the cool air is needed or to cool in two different places at the same time. The two 7 Foot Flex Hoses are often used for Sleepers, Campers, Boats, Tents and most often in moving Vehicles or for Pets in Kennels or Cages. We have hundreds of customers using the Flex Hose Kit with their MW1, however for extra cooling velocity while using the Flex Hose Kits use the Models WIN3 or MW2.

See Pictures Where many of our 12-Volt Cooling Systems are used.

The M400 (right) is a popular Self-Contained 12-Volt Air Conditioner is used for Surveillance & Pets, however the more Versatile MK3 (left) is also popular for use for Surveillance & Pets, where it is important to keep windows closed on vehicles. "Ice Water" Models use upwards of 20 pounds of ice Per Hour.

Our "Ice Models" Do Not blow Air Across Ice, as that only increases Humidity like cooling with water. The MightyKool "Ice Models" will also cool like the WIN3 or MW1 when using Water only, without Ice.

Generally Speaking which of the Models would be the or your particular use? Normally the Models like the WIN3 that use Water only & no Ice, as they are simpler, less of an investment and not as inconvenient to get ready for cooling. However if you absolutely need 12-Volt Air Conditioning then choose an "Ice Water" Model.

Swampy 12-Volt Cooling Systemsare Proudly made in the USA

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