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Idea to bring in fresh air to the MightyKool MW1 at all times:
"I cut a piece of 1/8 inch shower board the same size as the window screen in the trailer which is replaced by the shower board. In the shower board I cut a 4" hole to accept a piece of dryer vent hose. This board is velcroed in the window in place of the screen. I cut a 6" collar with a 4" hole to attach to the MightyKool with velcro and accept the dryer hose. The outside air is filtered through a piece of cloth mesh to keep insects outside.

We were in Cottonwood (AZ.) last week when for two days the temperature approached 90 degrees. The MW1 provided cool air without building up excess humidity since it was taking outside air and exhausting the cooled air through open windows and the roof vent. For about $10 I improved the MightyKool with a kit that is easy to use and improves the unit's cooling capacity." L.W. Phoenix, AZ.

Idea for keeping evaporative coolers clean:
I received the unit (MW1) I ordered today and would like you to know I am very happy with the product I showed it off to several neighbors and I pointed out the fact that I can drive my 73 chevy with the big 350 motor and stay comfortable with evaporative cooling without burning all the gas I did with the a/c.
I own a carpet cleaning business and I have several water based deodorizers that we use in our machines and pumps I put two drops in a water bottle then poured the very diluted product in the machine and it puts out a very , very light fragrance the deodorizer also acts as an antimicrobial . I did see on the directions that vinegar could be added to help prevent calcium buildup. I thought you may be interested to know that your customers can also buy acidic acid which is vinegar that has had the vinegar smell removed, we use it in our truck mounted machines for the same reason to clean our pumps. Your customers can find this at any carpet cleaning supplier in their area. It is not very expensive and anyone can buy it. They will need to ask for acidic acid or there are several brand names that it goes under also they are all the same so it does not matter some are called rinse free liquid & clear water rinse is the most popular. We clean carpets with these to rinse any detergents from the carpet so it is a very safe product. Thanks again for a great product. J.R. MESQUITE, TX.

Problem: The Swampy cooler is spraying water on medium and high or in some cases in all speeds.
(Note: We set the water system rich so after break-in the proper amount or water is available)

A. Make certain it has not been overfilled. If you suspect it is overfilled, just tip the cooler over towards the two eye balls and let the water drain out through the pad on that end. When it seems all the water has drained then tip the cooler upside down in case there is any water in the lid area that needs to come out. Let any water in that area drain where ever it can like through the eye balls or the fill area. 

B. When the water is added into the water fill area it must be poured straight in and not put in with a hose as the water can get into the blower housing and will keep spraying for a long time unless you do the procedure described in (A) above.

C. There is as much as a 5 or 6 hour break-in period needed before it quits spraying water on medium or high. It may not break-in within that period of time if it is not shut down for several hours so the pads can dry & calcify. The shut down period is as important as the running period.

D. If you use distilled water that will cause the spaying problem as it takes a very long time to break in the pads. 

E. If none of the above rings a bell, then it is best to turn the cooler off and take the four screws
off from around the lid and remove the lid by setting it to one side after removing. There will be
wires hanging on to the lid but that is okay. 

a. Look into the cooler and see if the black material is covering the green pads completely (or at
least no more than a sliver of green showing). 

b. With the lid off you can look into the blower housing where the fan wheel is located and see if
you can see water settled in the bottom of the blower housing. 

c. If everything looks normal you can turn on the cooler momentarily (usually no more than one minute) with the lid off to see if there is something obviously spraying around. (The switch is designed to get red hot when it is not in the air flow so do not be concerned if you see it glowing red)

If none of the above gives you any ideas then get in touch with us as it is unacceptable to have the Swampy spraying water as it voids the warrantee and leads to eventual parts failure.

A couple of tips when you set up your Icester: Use only as much hose as you need between the Icester & your ice chest. Roll the excess hose up into your ice chest. The more of the hose in the ice chest the cooler the air will be and as you know when you use 15 to 20 pounds of ice per hour you want to get the coolest air possible. Also position the Icester in the best position to blow the cool air on your upper body, even if you have to sit it on a angle.

I hope I did not mislead you in some way but you will not cool your truck cab with any 12-volt cooling devise. It may help to block off the rear portion, however when you 'spot cool' as mentioned in our FAQ under #1 & #5 we are looking to give you relief regardless of the size of the structure you are in, just like a fan would do. 
The main difference between the Icester and a fan is the temperature of the air. 12 volt cooling devises works on the same principle as a fan as it must blow on you to get relief.

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