MightyKool Model WIN3 Cools you in your Truck Sleeper with Water Only (no Ice)

Reduce Idling while Sleeping, Loading/Unloading with a 12-Volt Cooling

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Uses less 12-volt energy than 2 ordinary Clearance Lights
Size in
Inches 12½ long x 10¾ wide x 8¾ high
(Centimeters = 31.7 x 27.3 x 22.25)
5.96 Pounds (2.70 Kilograms)
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With a sensible investment, you typically Sleep, Load or Unload in Comfort without idling, which pays for itself fast! Use Water only (no Ice) for cooling, while using less Battery energy than 2 clearance lights. Save the hours on an APU or a Multi Battery-Powered Air Conditioner. It normally takes ten to thirty minutes to set up the WIN3 the first time and that is it, as it stays put as long as you need cool air.

The Portable 12-Volt Cooling System WIN3 (left) will typically do what is needed using Water only, without Ice, as this World-renowned Portable 12-Volt Cooling System is chilled by our exclusive Smart Cooling Filter (right). The single inexpensive Smart Filter will last hundreds of hours of use before needing to be changed.

Customers Comment:
2011: The WIN is lighter then I expected and puts out a lot of cool air for the size of the motor. With the windows set right, it usually make me get up and shut it off around 4 am because it is too cool. I don't expect it to cool me when its 100% Humidity in Houston or something like that down south, but with the fuel I am saving when I run north or in dry climates it works great. I have used it 3 nights and have already saved $120.00 in fuel. Never mind the wear and tear on my Cat engine. J. S. Beggs, OK

2014 (3 years later) Again I am really impressed with the (WIN) cooler, and it has already paid for itself 100 times in fuel savings over the last 3 years. Most of my loads go back and forth from the NW US to the NE US, and sometimes down the Texas area. The more I stay north, the better the cooler works for me. I have no problem with battery drain; I usually run it all night. It is nice and quiet, and I highly recommend this unit to anyone who likes a cool breeze and to save LOTS of Cash at the same time. J. S. Beggs, OK

Just plug in the 10 Ft. (3.05m) power cord and add water, as the WIN3 (left) cools all night using less battery energy than two clearance lights. Be certain to set the cooling system close enough to you for maximum benefit. (See information on the Flex Hose Kit below if you do not have a good spot to set it).

Bringing in Hot Fresh air is vital when cooling with water or melting ice, as humidity increases slightly during the cooling process. Therefore most all windows should be opened when a vehicle is not moving.

However, to eliminate opening all windows consider using the optional Air Intake Housing Kit, (right) for the WIN3 model only. This model cools several degrees better in Humid as well as Dry areas than a regular evaporative cooler because there is no pump spraying water on the pad constantly. The Air Intake Housing keeps the air from adding humidity to the already humid air.

Position the 7 Ft. (2.25m) long X 4 inch (10.16c) diameter Flex Hose near or into a window & the WIN3 will do all the work of bringing in that Fresh Hot Air needed. The only other thing needed is to crack another opening or two to let any extra humidity escape. The WIN3 will filter the air you breath automatically, however you can increase filtering by cutting a cheap furnace type filter and place it over the intake part of the Flex Hose, if you prefer. Read more by clicking on Air Intake.

If you cannot find a place to set the WIN3 close to your needs then combine the Cooler with the Flex Hose Kit (left) then set the small Cooling System out of the way on the floor & direct the Cool Air to where is needed. Add water then turn the 3-Speed Switch on low, medium or high and place the 7 ft. (2.25m) long 2 1/2 (6.35c) diameter hoses in the best position either in the Sleeper areas or up front when loading or unloading without idling.

Add water then use the 3-Speed Switch to turn on low, medium or high and place the 2 1/2 in. (6.35c) diameter hoses in the best position to blow cool air on your upper body. The hoses are 7 ft. (2.25m) long, therefore it should be no problem figuring out the best place to position them for maximum benefit and temporarily some put one inside their shirt for quick relief.


Dimensions do not include the 1 inch (2.54 C.) Handle & 3/4 inch (1.9 C.) Switch

Length, Width & Height
Inches & Centimeters



12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

 WIN3 Inches 12½ x 10¾ x 8¾
Centimeters=31.7 x 27.3 x 22.25

 5.96 Pounds
2.70 Kilograms

 1.5 Gallons
5.7 Liters

 .9 Amps
11.3 Watts

 1.6 Amps
20.2 Watts

2.4 Amps
30.2 Watts

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Can a $39 weak Fan be called an Air Conditioner when it is only a weak Fan? Anyone can say anything; so check the Facts, if you care!

NOTE: Mostly older Testimonials before the Introduction of the WIN3 & Air Intake Housing Kit, which point out the fact that even the lower powered Model MW1 was popular, as it contained the Smart Cooling Filter:

Australia December 2013: Just wanted to say thanks to you guys, really put your little machines (WIN3's) to the test today, 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) with about 50% humidify and keeping the heat out of my bus like a champ. A bit of old fashioned American ingenuity is right on the money and they work just like Air-conditioning at night here amazing & with the same amp draw as the fan(s) I had going. E.W. Darts Creek, Australia.

Arizona July 2013: We took our boat out today (30 cruiser) and we used our WIN3 for the first time. We were very impressed what this little unit could do! We placed it on our sink and aimed it towards the dining area. We could feel the breeze and actually cooled that whole area to a manageable temp. If we didn't have the WIN3 we would not have been able to stay in the cabin at 1:30 pm in hot AZ summer! C.W. Phoenix, AZ.

Australia December 23. 2013: We received our Win3 and I would just like to say how impressed we are with it. It is amazing how much difference it has made for us to be in the van. I have now sleep in the van during the day with it blowing cool air on me and it was 43 degrees Celsius (110 Fahrenheit). It does not cool the whole van down but I realise it is a spot cooler not an air conditioner. The delivery time was that fast I could not believe it came from America. Once again thank you for your quick response to my e-mails and a fantastic product N.B Nullagine, WA.

I just want to tell you that doing business with you has been great and that the customer service has been excellent. The unit works great I am a truck driver works for Knights Transportation out of Phoenix,AZ and at times have to sleep in my truck in Phoenix when the outside temp is still over 100 and all I do is open the 2 top sleeper vents for fresh air and turn the unit on high and can sleep all night without wakeing up. I have told other drivers about it and showed them how good it works and they say they going to order one for themselfs. Thank you. C. G. Tucson, AZ.

My husband did have a chance to use his (MW1) this last week in California. The temperature was into the nineties in the daytime and he was able to sleep in the sleeper with his Swampy running. He is very pleased with this purchase. Thanks, M.A. Battle Mountain, NV

We shipped another MW1 on June 4, 2008 to R.N. of Carrollton, GA. as he said even if he gets to use it a few nights it will pay for itself quickly in Fuel Savings. He just did not want to deal with the ice as he feels he can normally get by just fine with the 10 to 15 degree cooler air than just a fan. If it is too uncomfortable because of higher than normal heat and humidity he can still crank up the engine. (NOTE: Since then we developed the WIN3 and the Flex Hose Kit, which is much better).

T.D. of Atlanta, GA. called 06/03/2008 to order additional cooling filters as she purchased a MW1 for her husband for his truck Sleeper in 2005. When she ordered the MW1 we explained that this type of cooling was not as effective in a humid area as it is in a dry area. She ordered it anyway and her husband says it blows cool air while he sleeps plus has saved a lot of Fuel these past two years. (See NOTE above)

I purchased a MK3 as a gift for my husband who works in the tropics and outback desert areas of Australia. I was optimistic that the dual cooler/air-conditioner would give him some relief from the heat. He recently passed through the Opal Mining Town of Coober Pedy where they build their homes underground to beat the heat and the temperature there was 54 degrees Celsius (130 Degrees Fahrenheit). He sleeps in the back canopy area of a utility while on the road working and he tells me THE MK3 IS FANTASTIC! On the low setting it cools the sleeping area (using water only) and he has no trouble sleeping at all. With ice (in the Humid Tropics) and on a higher setting he pulled a sleeping bag over himself because he was too cool! I want to thank you for a great product and tremendous customer service. My husband has recommended you to other drivers and they will be in touch with you soon. TOO COOL! K.R. Blackwall Australia

Just to let you know I am a local truck driver here in the valley and my company like many out there nowadays don't want us to idle when we get stuck somewhere waiting to get loaded or unloaded. Well today I got stuck sitting at one of the shippers over in Tolleson for about 4 hours and while my buddies in the trucks be side me were cookin' I was comfortable thanks to my MW1. Thanks for a great product! M.H. Black Canyon City, AZ

Last night, I arrived in Mesquite, NV at 7 PM. The temp was 109. Great time to try out the cooler (MW1), I set it in the back seat area, next to the rear passenger window, opened the window about 4 inches and opened the drivers window about an inch, within a couple of minutes the air in the cab started cooling off. It worked great. I climbed into the sleeper about 10 PM and directed the cooler toward me, it again worked great, kept me cool long enough for the outside air to cool down to a comfortable sleeping temp. Right now, I'm in Hesperia, CA. with the temp at 92 and the cooler is keeping me comfortable while I'm sending you this information. Great unit, thanks, B. K. Henderson, CO.

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