Reduce Idling while Sleeping, Loading/Unloading with a MightyKool K2 12-Volt Seasonal Cooling System delivered $299.00!

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2017 Georgia USA: Just got back from a 4 week stint on the road to find my Mighty Kool (K2), fired it up and holy crap!!! Mate this thing is fantastic. As a trucker I've been pained by the need to idle over night to keep cool, a huge expense over the course of a summer when you idle 7 days a week for weeks on end. I saw this on the net and took a chance on buying one, no question this is probably one of the best purchases as a trucker that I've ever made. A cup of Luke warm tap water....switch it on and you have cool air. I went into the truck when the sun had heated it, turned this on and it had the gonads to cool me completely after running a short while. Went into a Flying J truck stop and got a cup of ice, poured that into the water hole and it instantly dropped a few more degrees cooler. Thanks, can't believe how well this things works man!! I friggin love it!! Best, L. G. Villa Rica, Georgia.

I am really impressed with the (MightyKool) cooler, and it has already paid for itself 100 times in fuel savings over the last 3 years. Most of my loads go back and forth from the NW US to the NE US, and sometimes down the Texas area. The more I stay north, the better the cooler works for me. I have no problem with battery drain; I usually run it all night. It is nice and quiet, and I highly recommend this unit to anyone who likes a cool breeze and to save LOTS of Cash at the same time." (Owner-Operator) J. S. Beggs, OK (Other Testimonials)

This small powerful low profile Model K2 personal cooling system is self-contained, 7 7/8" high and 10 1/4" wide, weighing less than 5 pounds & holds enough water to cool all night. Plug the 10-foot power cord into a 12-volt power outlet and move it to where cool air is needed in the sleeper or up front when loading or unloading. We recommend the optional Air Intake Housing below for Sleepers especially in humid areas.

The "blend anywhere" stylish cool gray K2 is strong & lightweight with powerful Twin double ball bearing Brushless Energy Saving motors using less battery power than two clearance lights. The Floating Ball indicates the water level at a glance. Perfect for use in a Sleeper and while loading or unloading.

Customer comment: 3 year old enjoying a nap during 102 degree summer day on the water in texas! Got the K2 and wow this thing works wonders....put in my boat's cuddy and my son took a nap immediately once it was on... Here is a pic: Thanks again. Very satisfied customer! O.F. Flower Mound, TX. (lake north of Dallas)

Customer comment:
"Texas is having record heat. We had to leave Max in our RV for a little bit while we took care of some business. When we got back he was sacked out in front of it. I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas)

These pictures show what a MightyKool K2 Personal Cooling System is all about. Cool one or two people or pets by placing where needed then put in a little water and plug into a 12 volt power cigarette lighter outlet & turn on low or medium speed.

The double ball bearing brushless fans we use provide from 50 to 70 hours of use on a 105 amp hour deep cycle battery and have a steady humming sound on low or medium speed to put you to sleep, not like a camper portable air conditioner where the compressor is kicking in and out all the time. The strong high speed is typically only used to help clear out a heat soaked area.

The seamless K2 is designed to use the optional Air Intake Housing. (right) This allows a superior method of providing Fresh Air ventilation, which is vital to provide maximum cooling when cooling with water or melting ice. Note the Water Fill on the top in Black.

Ventilation is vital in a sleeper while parked especially in humid areas. The purpose of the Air Intake Housing is to provide more perfect ventilation and the seven-foot 4" Hose slips off easy when not needed. By placing the hose in or near a window opening fresh air will be drawn directly into the K2 model.

The K2 contains the easy Top water fill (left) that slides open or closed in one second. The wide opening makes it easy to add water and even ice cubes if preferred. This feature has been a favorite on our WIN3 Model.
The K2 will produce Cooler Air than any portable evaporative Cooler in the World just like our present & previous MightyKool Models, as they do not use a pump. Perfect evaporation is achieved at all times because of the wicking system. When it is Hot and Dry they use more water. Then when it is Hot and Humid they use far less water, which results in creating the Coolest Evaporative cooled air possible.

Set the K2 out of the way and use the Flex Hose Kit (right) to contain and bring the cool air where needed the most. Also used when cool air is needed in two places at the same time. The Flex Hoses are 2.5 inch in diameter by 7 Feet in length and easily cut off to the length you need.

Models that use ice must have pumps plus heat exchangers and use at least 20 pounds of Ice Per Hour during the daytime. Otherwise they are not true 12-volt air conditioners and will produce humidity just like the ones that claim to be air conditioners and just blow air across ice.

Summary: The self-contained K2 personal cooling system surrounds people or pets with 5 to 25 degrees cooler air than a fan while using water only without ice to produce cool air. Be Cool with a K2 MightyKool! ------ Specification/Dimensions all models:

7 7/8" high 10 ¼" wide
11 ½" long

4.62 pounds

 Water capacity
1 Gallon

 Low speed
.8 Amps

 Medium speed
1.2 Amps

 High speed
1.7 Amps

World-renowned Portable 12-Volt Cooling Systems chilled by our exclusive Smart Cooling Filter Pad. (left) The Smart Pad is at the Heart of the MightyKool Models Cooling Superiority using Water Only without Ice. More Information on cooling with the Smart Cooling Filter. We recommend you order a set with your new cooler to take advantage of the free shipping, as it will need to be changed annually at the very least.

NOTE: It takes an air conditioner to cool any area, however there is no such thing in the world as a self-contained 12-volt air conditioner. To cool your Sleeper for 5 hours during the day takes approximately 100 pounds of real ice & a proper cooling system, therefore if interested Click here.

Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

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