The $49 (Lower USA price) Flex Hose Kit fits all 12-volt MightyKool Models to help cooling in a vehicle without air conditioning.

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We are not trying to sell more options, as these were developed out of necessity to provide cooling for one or two people in vehicles without air conditioning. No 12-volt cooling system in the World will provide air conditioning in a vehicle.

Set the K2 Model anywhere out of the way and position the hoses to blow cool air over the seats from the back or some attach them to their sun visors, or any other place to have the cool air no more than 1 foot of your upper body.

It would take an air conditioner to cool a Camper, Sleeper, Vehicle, etc. and the fact is that there is no simple 12-volt self-contained air conditioner in the World. However the MightyKool 12-volt model K2 evaporative cooler will help cool People or Pets in Campers, Sleepers, Vehicles, etc. The cool air must be as close as possoble to the upper body in a moving vehicle or humid area.

The Flex Hose Kit FH2 (right) contains everything needed for two hoses. Just set the MightyKool K2 out of the way and direct the hoses where needed as the two Flex Hoses will carry the cool air where needed. Each hose is 2.5 inches in diameter and 7 feet long & easy to cut if needed. Proper Ventilation is also vital, therefore if you need cooling in a non-moving vehicle take a look at the Air Intake Housing Kit.

In Humid areas the cool air streaming from the vents of the K2 would be 5 to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient air, which is a major help, however if the cool air travels over 1 Foot in 85 to 90 degree heat it heats up quickly. In dry areas the cool air may come out at 75 in 100 degree heat, however it could increase from 75 to 90 degrees in as little as 2 feet.

The Owner of this 1970 Porsche 911 (left) choose the Flex Hose Kit. He thought he would have to purchase a newer Porsche with A/C. He is now able to keep cool in his Classic because of his MightyKool Cooling System with the Flex Hose Kit.

Place a hose in your shirt for cool welcome relief or under your sheet to get a good nights sleep on a hot night. The more humid the area the closer you must have the cool air, which should not be a problem for sleeping, as you set the K2 within one foot of your upper body. Use the Flex Hose to cool two areas at the same time like in a pop up camper, boat and they are definitely needed with two pets in cages.

The FH4 Kit (right) contains everything needed for four Cool Air Vent hoses when you use the MightyKool K2. The Flex Hose Kit Model FH4 contains four 7-foot hoses, two shorter hoses along with the two "Y" hose connectors to direct the air into the four hoses-foot hoses, & also included are four new North Star Chrome Air Vents with four adapters to connect to the ends of the hoses. The original Chrome Air Vents are not suitable for the Flex Hose Kit FH4.

Do not be fooled to think ice will help with evaporative cooling, as this is only a short-lived solution. If money and inconvenience are no problem then you might be willing to use the MK3 "Ice Water" model 12-Volt Air Conditioner that uses from 12 to 20 pounds of ice PER HOUR.

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