The Most Powerful Dual Cooling Model

The MightyKool "Ice" Model M400 is a 12-Volt Air Conditioner using Ice or an Evaporative Cooler using just Water!

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Customer's Video provides his impressions when using his MightyKool "Ice Water" Model.

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This Self-Contained Portable Air Conditioning System does not require Venting when using Ice & comes completely assembled with the Ice Chest. The Four Brushless Double Ball Bearing Motors operate on 12-Volts or 110-Volts using an Optional AC/DC Convertor. Use Ice to produce Air Conditioned Comfort in Humid or Dry Climates.

You may use Water only or Water & Reusable Ice Packs when the Heat is not too Severe and you can leave the windows open. Otherwise use Ice and close the windows in either Dry or Humid Climates.

Our "ice water" models produce a large quantity of Cold Air because they are capable of consuming up to 20 pounds (9 kilos) of ice Per Hour during the day & around 12 pounds (5.4 kilos) Per Hour during the nighttime hours! Ice has a vast energy base and the quicker you melt it the more energy you derive from it in the way of cold air produced. A 48-quart Ice Chest filled with block ice will last from 4 to 5 hours.

The single Custom Cooling Pad inside the M400 is part of the reason it Cools efficiently with Ice and the only reason it Cools with just Water! Therefore it should be changed every one to two hundred hours, or at least once a season, so that you may continue to enjoy Cooler Air than any other "Ice Water" or Evaporative Model in the World.

Use 12-Volts or 110-Volts 110-Volt A/C Wall Plug-Inwith our Optional AC/DC Convertor

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Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

Swampy has designed 12-Volt Portable Cooling Systems since 1989 that Really Work!
How do the Ice Water Coolers Work?

NOTE: The following Testimonials were generally written about the M300 which has been upgraded to the M400 to provide even more cooling capacity:

"S.H.of Myrtle Beach, SC ordered his 2nd MightyKool M300 in March of 2006 as he uses them in 7 passenger Commander aircraft He operates them on a "jump start" battery so he does not have to tie into the 24/28 volt power system of the aircraft. They disconnected the compressor belt of the built in aircraft air conditioning system as it did not cool the aircraft anyway & puts strain on an engine so now they help pre-cool the cabins with a Model M300."

"Just wanted to let you know I was finally able to use the swampy (M300) yesterday and it was a great success. I did as you suggested and made big bowls of ice. Getting back into a comfortable car was worth all the money in the world to me. Thanks again for all of your help and patience. B.D." Guffey, CO. (This person has a medical condition where it is vital to have the car cool when coming back from shopping).

"Hi there, just wanted to say I received my M300 today. I am using it primarily indoors in a room where there is air conditioning, but because a computer is running all day long, it gets too warm. I didn't want to use a portable AC unit because it would cost a lot more than running a 40 watt appliance. The evaporative cooling works great, even though I live in Alabama, since the humidity inside is generally around 40 to 45%. I have owned an evaporative cooler before, and after feeling the air from the M300, it is questionable whether the other cooler ever worked at all. I measured 78 degree air going in and coming out at 66 degrees. I put my ice packs in their and I was amazed that the air dropped another 8 or 9 degrees. Thank you for such a fine product. It is small, attractive, and really does make my computer room much more comfortable. I am really going to enjoy this cooler."
S.S. Oxford, AL.

The MightyKool Model M400 provides air conditioned comfort without opening windows or venting the heat outside when using ice. This is a Versatile Self-Contained, Fully Assembled, Cooling System integrated into the lid of an *Igloo ice chest. The M400 operates on most any power that you choose; 12-Volts, 110-Volts or Solar. In otherwords keep cool while while Camping, Boating, Traveling or in your Bedroom or Work area at Home. You can add enough ice to the ice container of the M400 to have air conditioned comfort for as long as four to five hours. If you are using water only the M400 will operate for 30 to 40 hours without refilling. It does not damage anything if it runs out of water.

*Igloo is the Trademark of Igloo Products Corp. We provide a Igloo Quality Product with each Model M400.

Using powerful Brushless Double Ball Bearing Motors the M400 merely sips power while streaming cool crisp air when & where you need it. This Cooling System has the capacity to produce around 300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at a velocity of 3,000 feet per minute with a noise level of 59 dBA on high speed, which is the dBA of normal speach.

Use on 12-Volts or optional 24-Volts and you will have cool crisp air streaming at you for 25 to 30 hours without recharging a typical 105 amp hour Deep Cycle Battery you may choose to purchase.

Of course if you are using it while running your engine you need not be bothered about the amperage draw as it uses no more energy than your vehicle tail light bulbs.

This combination Air Conditioner - Evaporative Cooler contains the MightyKool Evaporative Cooling System (ECS). The Air Contitioner portion uses the heat exhange core made famous by our Swampy "Ice" Models.

The MightyKool ECS has proven to be more efficient than the typical evaporative cooler in humid climates because of the design of the Evaporative System itself. Therefore, when the heat is not too severe you may use water only or water cooled by reusable "blue" ice. If you wish you may click on Testimonials regarding more testimonials.

This Model will also operate efficiently on your Solar System, using less than 51 watts (less than 4.2 amps) on 12-volts! The M400 incorporates the Custom Evaporative Pad System our standard MightyKool Model MW1 is so famous for pioneering.

The MightyKool M400 on high speed moves about the same amount of air flow as our very popular Swampy Model S154 does on Medium Speed at a fraction of the energy use. Plus the air is moving in Three Directions at the same time, or you may concentrate the air in any of the three directions by closing one or more of the four cool air outlet vents!

Using the M300 in California

I headed down to San Jose for the Champ Car race. I put 40 lbs of block ice in my M300 and 20lbs of crushed ice. It was 95 when I left and ran into 105 on the trip. I had ice for 3 1/2 hours and very cold air. I think I may have found the best way to use my M300. The block ice melted and the crushed ice melted together, floated on top, keeping the water cold. The air was so cold coming out I never turned the swampy off the first setting. By the time the ice melted I was in 85 degree weather and still very comfortable.
I have a small Toyota motorhome with a curtain between me and the M(otor)H(ome) part. I point 2 nozzles toward me, one at a slant toward the windshield and one at a slant toward the curtain. It seems to create a swirling effect to keep me cool. Thanks for such a great product Jim H.

A Testimonial on MightyKool (MW1) in Humid Conditions which would be like using the M400 on water only:

I received the order and we used the Mighty Kool (MW1) three nights on our trip. It was very humid and hot out so I'm not sure they had the best chance to work. From what they did do, they worked well enough to keep us comfortable in very uncomfortable situations. I think they could have put out much cooler air but then again the humidity was at 100% the entire time. It was very easy to pack the Mighty Kool to the camp and set it up with the battery and ran very well. I can not believe that the small units put out so much air. The fans on them work great! I just wish the humidity was not so high. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would have to give it an 8, maybe an 8.5. I will definitely be back or if I know anyone who could use your services, I will not hesitate in reccomending your company. Again thank you for everything!!! Very Sincerely, Rebecca L. from Indiana.

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