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Customer's Video provides his impressions when using his MightyKool "Ice Water" Model.

Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice produces air conditioning, however it increases Humidity. Claim checker.

Our 12-volt "ice water" Models produce cold air under the most severe conditions in areas of the highest humidity. These Models pump "ice water" through an internal installed Evaporator just like regular refrigerant is pumped through an Evaporator by a compressor to produce cold air-conditioned air. Both methods take a great deal of energy and in one case an engine is needed and in the other ice is needed.

We furnish the Air Conditioner and you furnish the Ice Chest of any size you may need. The MK3 (left) & MK4 (right) must be located higher than the Ice Chest so that the condensation & excess water removal System operates properly.

You will merely slice a narrow slit in the Ice Chest so that the hoses will allow the lid to close. The hoses are four feet long, with the pump at the end that goes into the ice chest (pump pictured on left bottom side of MK3). The hoses maybe be added on to up to ten feet if needed.

Our "ice water" models produce a large quantity of Cold Air because they are capable of consuming up to 20 pounds (9 kilos) of ice Per Hour during the day & around 12 pounds (5.4 kilos) Per Hour during the nighttime hours! Ice has a vast energy base and the quicker you melt it the more energy you derive from it in the way of cold air produced. A 48-quart Ice Chest filled with block ice will last from 4 to 5 hours.

A set of Smart Cooling Filters should be ordered with a new MightyKool to have them on hand, as they are the reason a MightyKool possesses superior cooling using water only. The Smart Cooling Filter automatically regulates the water depending on humidity resulting in perfect evaporation instead of using a non-regulated pump like all other evaporative coolers.

The MK3 Kicks A_ _!!! I received the Mk3 unit today and it exceeded my expectations. I tested it in the back of my truck with a small 24qt cooler with hotel ice machine ice plus water. Actually not that much ice, mostly cold water, for it was just a test. The temperature outside was 80 with 80% humidityat 6pm in Biloxi, so it was warm and sticky in the camper. I activated mk3 and I couldnt believe how cold the air was blowing. In a matter of minutes, the temperature dropped to 62, so for me to lay down, it had to be set on low or I would turn into a popsickle. I fell asleep then woke up at 10 pm. The little bit of ice had melted, but the water was still cold and the camper temperature read 67. The blower was still blowing cold air running on just the water. Thank you very much for such a great invention. P.K. MS.
I purchased a MK3 as a gift for my husband who works in the tropics and outback desert areas of Australia. I was optimistic that the dual cooler/air-conditioner would give him some relief from the heat. He recently passed through the Opal Mining Town of Coober Pedy where they build their homes underground to beat the heat and the temperature there was 54 degrees Celsius (130 Degrees Fahrenheit). He sleeps in the back canopy area of a utility while on the road working and he tells me THE MK3 IS FANTASTIC! On the low setting it cools the sleeping area and he has no trouble sleeping at all. With ice (in the Tropics) and on a higher setting he pulled a sleeping bag over himself because he was too cool! I want to thank you for a great product and tremendous customer service. My husband has recommended you to other drivers and they will be in touch with you soon. TOO COOL! K.R. Blackwall Australia

How do the Ice Coolers Work?

We have had major interest for a more Flexible Cooling System with the capabilities of the M300 without the Air Conditioner being built into the ice chest. For example for Boats, Campers, Surveillance, Vehicles, Aircraft, etc. where is would be beneficial to have the Air Conditioner in one place and the Ice Chest in another.

The advantage of the MK3 & MK4 is that they do all the above plus will operate on a portable "Power Station" for hours on end. That means you do not need to use the battery system in your company vehicle or tie into the aircraft system, etc. Also PRE-COOLING or KEEPING an UN-OCCUPIED VEHICLE COOLER is a possibility when using the MK3 or MK4 with Ice and a "Power Station"or your vehicle battery. (Power Stations are typically available at Target, WalMart, KMart or your Auto Parts or Discount Stores.)

One of the Secrets to Boosting the Cooling System of the MK3 or MK4 is the single Custom Cooling Filter Pad! This single Pad should be changed every one to two hundred hours so that you may continue to enjoy Cooler Fresh Air than any other portable Air Conditioner. Consider ordering an Extra Set of Two Cooling Pads if you want this Model as we even include shipping and handling free with the original order.

For over 100 years different methods of blowing air through Ice always obtained disappointing results & minimal relief from the heat. Ice Chilled Water solved the mystery of how Ice may be used for cooling relief! If you think blowing air into ice works and are considering buying this Ancient System for $39.95 then Click Here.

"Just wanted to let you know I was finally able to use the swampy (M300) yesterday and it was a great success. (The MK3 & MK4 have the same cooling system as the M300). I did as you suggested and made big bowls of ice. Getting back into a comfortable car (after shopping) was worth all the money in the world to me. Thanks again for all of your help and patience. B.D." Guffey, CO.

The innovative MightyKool MK3 & MK4 combine ice water Air Conditioning with the age-old art of Evaporative cooling. First the cold water rushes through a special Heat Exchanger to produce Air Conditioning instead of merely evaporative cooled air! You place ice into any size ice chest you choose and then add just enough water to activate the pump.

Another great feature is that you can always get cooler air from the MightyKool MK3 or MK4 than a standard Evaporative Cooler, even after the ice melts because of the two stage cooling process. Some people are also satisfied with the cooling produced by adding the reusable Freeze Packs to the water instead of ice. A fully charged 105 amp hour deep cycle battery would typically last from 25 to 35 hours if you are using one for camping or boating and do not charge your battery in between times.

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Our first ice air conditioning unit was the Icester AC12 which proved the need for this type of cooling, however the cooling ceases once the ice melts. Now with the MK3 or MK4 you have the option of evaporative cooling alone,or you may utilize the Dual Cooling System by selecting to use the Ice feature and have Air Conditioning combined with Evaporative Cooling. A powerful system adds up to a great alternative to Refrigerated Air Conditioning.

How the MK3 or MK4 work: Block or Solid Cubed Ice is placed in the ice chest with only enough water to get the pump working. The Ice Chilled Water is then pumped through a special Heat Exchanger (evaporator) inside the MK3 & MK4 at over 300 Gallons Per Hour, which also feeds the custom evaporative filter pad.

The blower motors force ambient air through the Heat Exchanger and evaporative pad providing you with Air Conditioning. This cold air is then directed outward to cool the occupants through the two adjustable cold air vents. The water that has been used plus excess condensation collected is deposited back into the ice chest.

Our ice models produce a large quantity of Cold Air because they are capable of consuming up to 20 pounds (7.5 kilos) of ice per hour during the day & around 13 pounds (5.9 kilos) during the nighttime hours! Ice has a vast energy base and the quicker you melt it the more energy you derive from it in the way of cold air produced. A 48-quart Ice Chest filled with block ice will last from 4 to 5 hours.

Emptying the excess water from the Ice Chest is a breeze as you remove the return line from your Ice Chest and the pump in the Ice Chest pumps the water wherever you wish by merely turning on the MK3 or MK4.

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