Use a Portable 12-Volt MightyKool using Water only, no Ice, Cooling for Pets, Sleepers, Boats, Campers, Vehicles, Tents, etc.!

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The Smart Cooling Filter is at the Heart of the MightyKool Models Cooling Superiority using Water Only without Ice. MightyKool models cool 15 to 30 degrees F. Cooler than Ambient air using only Water, which is several degrees Cooler than any Portable Evaporative Cooler using a Pump.

A MightyKool using only Water develops about 12% cooler air in a Humid area & 7% cooler air in a Dry area than a portable evaporative cooler using a Pump. The Pump system scatters the same amount of Water on a pad regardless of Humidity.

The Smart Cooling Filter automatically regulates the water by wicking water, which produces perfect evaporative cooling depending on temperature, humidity and dew point.

A normal evaporative cooler has a pump that normally distributes either too much water or not enough. If the air is Dry the Smart Cooling Filter Pad uses more water and if the air is Humid it uses less water. Also Incorporated into our Smart Cooling Filter Pads are Anti-Allergenic plus include a Mold-Fighting Agent.

Use either hot or cold water, as the results will be the same within minutes because of the unique Smart Filter System of the MightyKool K2. The Smart Cooling Filter does not need Ice, however it may be added, as it does cools slighty better until it melts & continues to cool using water only.

This unique Smart Filter should be changed every several hundred hours, so that you may continue to enjoy the Cool Filtered Air experienced when the K2, MW1, MW2 or WIN3 were new. Of course, we have some Customers use their Smart Pad for well over 500 hours before changing and others only change every 3 to 4 years, as their MightyKool is still cooling. However, they are not receiving the freshest filtered Coolest air possible.

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The AC/DC Converter operates most all of your 12-Volt products on 120/240-Volts! Just plug into any 120/240-volt power outlet at your home, office, camper, boat or small generator. This allows you to virtually use your MightyKool anywhere you have 120/240-volts or 12-volt power outlets. The Model #ACD 4 Amp Converter is available with no extra S&H charge when ordering a MightyKool Model. This converter allows the MightyKool to operate on all speeds!

Using powerful Twin Brushless double ball bearing Motors the K2 Model merely sips power while streaming cool crisp air where & when you need it. The Twin Motors have the capacity to produce over 220 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at a velocity of over 2,000 feet per minute with a noise level of 59 dBA on high speed.

Use the MightyKool in dry climates and you have cool crisp air streaming at you for 50 to 80 hours without recharging your Deep Cycle Battery. These Models will also operate efficiently on your Solar System, using only 10.8 to 19.2 watts on 12-volts!

The MightyKool Models use a Smart Cooling Filter System that allows elimination of the typical pump. This saves energy allowing the Models to be down sized while still maintaining the same powerful cool air that has always been associated with the Swampy Models.

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